We believe that life will show you what’s next only when you slow down enough to listen. The Energetics of Color is a tool for open-hearted, curious individuals seeking to enhance their self-care and awaken their intuitive connection to the vibrant world of color wisdom. 

All the colors of you are welcome here. You don't have to decide if you're a red person or a blue. You’re not stuck with a green aura for life. You get to live the rainbow, the full range of human experience, knowing, trusting, and relishing the fact that you change from day to day. 


This deck is more than nice-sounding affirmations that have no relationship to your real life. They’re full of practical, actionable guidance that you can use right away, applying them to whatever situation you’re facing now. Expect detailed suggestions to provide relief and growth for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Color energy can be fun and light-hearted, but it also goes deep. This is real transformational work that will lift the veil over the parts of yourself that are seeking liberation the most.

Using this deck will make you feel like Dorothy the moment she lands in Oz after life in a black and white Kansas. Your energy body will tune to the vibration of Technicolor, and you can play with how to use these colors to create more of the experiences you want. Color has the power to heal, to support you, and to act as a guide towards a more harmonious relationship with yourself and others. Like the ruby slippers, they’ll help you find your way home to feeling more like yourself.

About the Deck

Cameron Giles is an intuitive energy healer for ambitious women who are ready to get their mojo back. Through her intuitive healing sessions and soulful creations, she inspires women to dream bigger, ask for more, and ultimately live, work, and love from the heart. Learn more at cameron-giles.com.

Cameron Giles

Lori Menna is a Creatrix. Her work tunes into the channels that communicate the physical body to the spiritual body. Her intention is to authentically create visual medicine that has a ripple effect inspiring others to connect to their higher selves. Learn more at cosmiccollage.com.

Lori Menna

Meet the Team

This project was born out of a desire to better understand how we as individuals can learn from and connect to the world of color inside and around us. So much meaning, personality, memory, and emotion can be derived from color, the process of decoding the energetics behind each color in the deck was a deeply meditative and eye-opening experience for both author and designer, and now for you, the ever inquisitive modern mystic!

The first color, soft pink, was decoded in August of 2016 and through inspired guidance and perhaps a little reckless abandon, Cameron and Lori joined forces to form a partnership in September of 2018. Both Cameron and Lori are very passionate about their vision and creative expression. Marrying their talents of intuitive energy healing and intuitive design was a fun and exciting process that didn’t leave any stone unturned.

After many years in the making, we’re thrilled to offer The Energetics of Color, a 77-card deck and guidebook that serves as a tool to explore a deeper connection to a world of color around you, aka, our labor of love.  

Our Story

Project Details

Below is the process of the logo – where we started at the bottom and what we ended up with at the top. The concept is based on how the human eye perceives color.

To the left is the process of the logo – where we started at the bottom and what we ended up with on top. The concept is based on how the human eye perceives color.

Logo Evolution

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