77-card deck and guidebook

of Color


your trusted resource

Color is a simple, radiant language that has the power to create miracles

What's the difference between a purple workday and a green? Between an orange yoga class and a yellow? A pink date and a red? What color of light do you want to emanate from within you to light up the room?

Color is your key to moving through the ebb
and flow of your life with direction and grace.

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Meet the Creators

I’m Cameron, and for 6+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of soul-centered hustlers, creators, and change-makers clear a path to their future with radiance, strategy, and heart through intuitive energy healing. I specialize in guiding women through major energetic shifts, and I help those searching for meaning and direction live into their next level of greatness.

I’m Lori. I have 20 years+ experience as a graphic artist. I am the creator of “Cosmic Collage” and the artist and designer for this project, “Energetics of Color”! I am inspired by the great mystery of life, fractals in nature and sacred geometry and COLOR!

My ideas and visions come to me in meditation. My creativity is something that travels through me, it is a gift from the spirit world. I believe that all living things are connected and I live by that. I create when I am open and receive a natural flow of spiritual and creative energy.



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